Monday, September 22, 2008

When Projects Grow a Life of Their Own

It was supposed to be a very easy project. Just strip and stain one small table...humm but this is one of those projects that took on a life of its own. You know those concepts that should only take a day or two. Somehow they become a never-ending task and an obsession. This was one of those times when the often repeated question "why did I ever start this?" sums it up best.

This round table was found in the cubbie hole and I thought "wouldn't be fun to refinish it". It was dark pine and dreary. So it was sanded-sanded-sanded then stained and lacquered-lacquered-lacquered. Oh, but then I bid on some unfinished chairs at an employee auction and won four chairs. So I sanded-sanded then stained and lacquered again. Found four seat cushions, recovered them. Complete-I thought. Not so..

When the chairs were placed around the table--they were just too big. I settled on two chairs, put them in the nook and then made a matching cafe curtain for the hutch behind it. The hutch has all my stamps, paper, ribbons, tools etc. and the top pulls out for extra working space. But I still need a dining table for more than two people ...

This is the dining table which was also dark pine and needed the same treatment. After sanding and staining for what seemed like weeks, a new dilemma presented itself. No chairs! Why because the four chairs I refinished were still too big. I work in a furniture store and started seeing some pieces that would save the day and get me out of this mushrooming venture. The bench was amazingly affordable and the chairs were sold to me for a very reasonable price. This project is finally completed.

Did I learn my lesson--I don't think so because---

This is my next project. It is a hutch with very many slots for paper stock. I am deciding whether or not to paint it. It holds 8-1/2" x 11" size paper and will make a great paper organizer. So consider it under construction.


Keri said...


That thing is HUGE!!! I'm quite jealous though..... if only it held 12x12....

Shirley said...

You do beautiful refinishing! I am really into the paper holder! That of course is a stamp addict talking!