Friday, January 23, 2009

Reverse Negative Card

I found the instructions for this card in Creative Stampers Sampler magazine. Is simple and fun to do. Just cut out two pieces of paper one in the color of your background and the other one in your application piece. Stamp them both then cut the darker color in half and attach it to the lighter color. Embellish as you wish. I don't have white ink so I used my white embossing powder and it came out just fine but not as defined as it could be.

Now I am going to get to work on some Valentine's Day cards. I feel the love already.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

PurpleFower Card

There are a couple of birthdays next week so I reached into my card "stash" and selected this one. It was so enjoyable to make because is all stamps. Stamps I purchased on E-bay. They are Stamping Up stamps. The card stock was purchased at Joann's at their sale with the stripes already on them and the ribbon was on sale too. I really enjoyed using the flowers and the leaves. Happy Birthday to Michelle and Linda!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Witnessing Packet

I have this witnessing kit posted on my but I especially wanted to put it on this one. I was asked to speak to the teenagers about sharing the Gospel and their faith.

It was interesting because before you can share the Gospel ,you actually have to know what the Gospel is and asking them to tell you what the Gospel is and what it means to them is a good indicator of t. This kit is great because its easy to make and can be made for all age levels. The contests were purchased at the Christian Book Store, but if you have a computer you can print out your own contents.

I'm Back!

Finally, happily, Mr. Dell has come home. When you live in the boonies, you don't realize how much you rely on Mr. Dell for communication. The top picture is not a forest fire, but the sunset last week. It looks like a blaze out of control. The birthday card is from my daughter-in-law and I love the simple elegance of it. I did have a happy birthday --but another birthday that puts me somehwere around the speed limit, made me think of sunsets.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Second Award!

My computer should break more often. I am encouraged that no one has forgotten me! Thanks again, I am really thrilled!

There will be some serious nominating when the Dell comes home!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First Blog Award!

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my first blog award. How nice to be encouraged in your craft. Since my computer has malfunctioned, it was hard to post anything. The good news is that it is now fixed and on its way back to me. Shirley is such an encourager and leaves the most complimentary messages. I nominate her has Best Motivator!
You can visit her amazing blog at You can learn a lot.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Computer Withdrawal

My computer is in the "repair lab" but I managed to make it to the library where all things are free except you cannot upload any photographs. So in the meantime, while I go through photo-withdrawal..I haven't abandoned I just can't show.

It's amazing how much time and effort one spends on their blogs...You know all is a well when the next post you see is a picture of me hugging my lap top --ahhhh...who knew you could be so attached to such an inanimate object...