Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simple Stationary

This simple stationary is easy to make and leaves lots of room for writing notes or just a thought.  The stamp is Just A Note and leaves the door open to say whatever is on your heart.  I punched the corners and stamped the corner  envelope and inside the top of the inside.  Simple yet functional!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

For Erika

Operation Write Home is having a blog hop and I stumbled across a lovely lady named Erika whose husband is being deployed over seas for the third time.  For every comment left on her blog, she is making a card for Operation Write Home...I told her she didn't have to make one for me, that  I would make one for her and send it to OWH. 

I had made this card once before but couldn't resist again when someone gave me that cute little shoe card...

There are some wonderful wives who are making OWH it really touches my heart.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Girl's Birthday Apron

Maddie had a Number 2 birthday party on Saturday and I really wanted to make her an apron. There was no pattern, so I went on line and found a site where you make an apron pattern from a cut-out newspaper. Works for me. I used three different patters after studying the apron my daughter in law had made for me.

The pattern is easy to cut.

The fabric embellishments are three different strips sewn together with each one being a little longer than the next. The three-sewn together strips are now one and easily sewn in between the button tw0-folds. The necktie is sewn in between the two fabric folds and the belt is sewn over the top of the apron button and top.

The cupcake pattern was so fun and just the right fabric for a little girls birthday celebration.