Saturday, September 13, 2008

Artisian Fare Display

Card Display

My sister, Linda, is hosting an Evening for Artiseans" next week. She has invited several women who design and/or make their "sellable wares". I had know about this for a while so I stamped a variety of cards and then made several repeats of the same stamped card. I had no idea of how to display them but purchased the mounting board at CVS and just starred at the black board for about an hour and though "Eureka"--I know what I can do--if I can just get the idea from my head into an actual finished work. I mounted the cards with brads so they wouldn't be damaged and attached my "bio" in the upper lefthand corner.

Next I covered the front and back of the board with pink paisley paper and reversed the border and then attached the wide ribbon with buttons which I tied on with yarn eliminating the need to glue the ribbon. There is the finial product--it looks like a very large clutch purse but opens like a gigantic card.

I made four of each card and we will see what happens. The display is in the mail on its way to Rhode Island where my beautifull talented and skillfull daughter-in-law will be attending --I am looking forward to hearing about what took place.

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Keri said...

I'm looking forward to getting this elaborate display. Auntie Linda wants me to catalog all your merchandise so that we make sure we know what is sold. This will be an interesting night!