Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Seed Packet

I was asked to speak to the teenagers about sharing their faith. It was a challenge because, well because they are teenagers. After much thought I was inspired to create these "seed packets". Each packet contained:

1. We've Been Missing You Post Card
2. Encouragement card for a friend

3. Thank You card for someone who did something nice for you.

4. Ten Commandments bookmark
5. A laminated card with scriptures to memorize for sharing your faith
6. Thinking of You card

7. Betty Ugly tract

It's a fairly easy project. Just fold the paper in half. Fold the bottom up to make a pocket. I used TomBoys adhesive to affix the sides. You can use a hole punch on the side and tie it closed with a ribbon. You can find all sorts of items to insert in these at the Christian Book Store or you can make your own cards and inserts.

The teenagers liked them and we discussed the items and how you could share your faith but "sowing love into the lives of others."


Sharon said...

What a fabulous idea!


Well thank you Sharon. I love it when the Lord gives the inspiration and I think some adults could use this seed packet too!!!

Viv's Visuals said...

Hi Joan! Thanks for dropping by my blog! The seed packet is a great idea..and although I'm not a religious person I agree wholeheartedly that everyone could use kindness and friendship in their lives!


Thank you. I thought it might be a great idea for a gardener to put actual seed packs in it too and embellish the front with some Burbee seed paper....maybe in my spare time.

Becky Carafa said...

What a clever and fabulous way to make a visual!

Anne said...

What a good idea Joan :).

Anne said...

PS Joan I thought of you today, saw a card in a magazine with the sentiment: Today's seeds are the flowers of tomorrow.
Very true.