Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home Made Calendar

Click to play this Smilebox calendar: Life on Pond Road
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This is what I have been doing for the past few weeks. I made these for the daughters of the woman whose home we are renting (she passed away last August). It was fun to do but I calculated the cost of printing at home or sending to Office Max to be printed and bound and chose Office Max. I also made a couple of cards this week end and will be posting them soon. Happy Sunday to all!


Anne said...

Wow Joan, this is lovely. Are all the photos yours? Very nice work...

Joanie said...

Yes they are. I have been keeping a photo journal and am amazed every day I seem to find a new flower in the "yard". I was trying to think of a way to present them as a gift and the calendar was the perfect solution. Thanks for your gracious comment.

Leslie said...

I love Smilebox. I use this for the members in my family that don't really appreciate all the work that goes into handmaking pages. They look at them and then rip thru them or fold them to put them away! Ugh!! Smilebox works well, I don't have a cardiac arrest when I send them this!! LOL!!
Hugs, Leslie