Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Miss Winter!

It's been 95 degrees for at least two weeks now. I have a new computer which is fantastic, but my program discs for the camera and printer are somewhere in the moving van way behind some very heavy boxes. I've been digging in there but 95 degrees in a square metal box on wheels is not the ideal place to be digging. Maybe this week.
Until then, we will keep trying.


Karen R said...

You can have my winter - we only get wet & gray & gloomy - though had a lot of frosts lately

Valems said...

I miss winter, too, I love snow and that photo is beautiful! I can almost feel the cold, fresh air! :)

Hugs, Vanja

Deby said...

WHAT??? Winter? You silly girl! You can have mine too, though I certainly understand why you'd want your's now! I can't imagine rummaging through an oven right now, even if it were for things you desperately wanted to find! The Lord bless you as you wait until the appointed time when all will be unloaded from the "oven" and put in your new home where it belongs!

Anne said...

I love winter but summer's pretty good too :)

Doesn't sound like a good time to root around in the van my friend

Leslie said...

I HATE the winter!! I will take your summer and you can have my Ohio winters! Deal? Sorry though that you are still having to dig through your moving oven. Hugs, Leslie